Proven energy solutions.

Unified Energy

Electricity Procurement

Managing your electricity procurement strategy is a full-time job. It takes a team of industry experts who follow the market and understand your options in real-time. (more)

Natural Gas Procurement

When used strategically, can be an important part of your energy portfolio. While it’s electricity’s biggest competitor, it may offer sizable savings, on your utility bills. (more)

Energy Data Management

Our User Data Management System (UDMS) helps you manage your utility cost, usage, demand, and other data to automatically generate reports to help identify savings opportunities.  (more)

Renewable | Green Energy

Whether you’re environmentally conscious, or simply looking for an alternative energy source, renewable (green) energy is a viable option. (more)

Water Reduction

Water is truly one of our most precious resources. It’s no wonder that our team has embrace a Water Reduction solution that can reduce your billable water consumption by up to 15%. (more)

Demand Response

Demand Response (DR) programs allow utilities to reduce electricity usage in response to peak demand times, which stress the electrical grid and inflate wholesale electricity prices. (more)

Waste Management

Saving our clients money is at the heart of everything we do. Through our Waste Management program, we develop custom solutions that address the high costs of waste disposal and recycling. (more)


Sometimes you need a complete energy management program. Other times you just need some help understanding your options. Either way, Unified Energy will provide you with real solutions. (more)